4 Things I learned at Hard Summer 2014

Here are Four things that I took away from my experience at Hard Summer 2014.

The 4 Things I learned at Hard Summer 2014 are:

1. Be prepared

When setting up, we were not fully informed as what to expect with the equipment however I brought plenty of cables and extra gear so we were able to get everything up and running. In the midst of a long Los Angeles drought, rain was not really expected, however it happened! We had to move our equipment at the end of the night but fortunately nothing was damaged. It was also quite dusty due to the drought. I saw a lot of people walking around with scarves and handkerchiefs covering their nose and mouth which was a great idea. But it’s also good to keep your equipment in mind along with your lungs! Try to keep your gear covered when it’s not in use in dusty areas like that. It’s a real pain to clean your faders and turntables after, if you don’t.

2. Be Resourceful

We had a couple of AC units at the tent to keep things cool during the day, however it was an open tent and the circuit breaker kept getting tripped if we used even one of the AC units along with all of the DJ gear (2 DJ set ups) on one circuit. Due to constraints we were only able to use two separate circuits so we placed one AC unit on one circuit with some lighting equipment and then the DJ set ups along with most of the rest of the lights were on another. This isn’t very DJ related but a helpful tip none the less.

On the DJ side of things, we had a relatively small tent at the event which was positioned next to one of the large tents. Their sound system was drowning out our sound system at one point during the day and since we didn’t have a lot of visitors at the tent early in the day we decided to stop playing music completely and just have a scratch practice while listening to the music from the tent nearby. Once that tent started to fill up with more people the sound was no longer as loud and we were able to start playing music again. Our tent got packed shortly after and we rocked out with lots of awesome people at the event!

3. Take advantage of opportunity and NETWORK!

I had a great opportunity to interview some of the DJs playing at the festival. No one else at the tent wanted to MC so I spent some time on the microphone while people were DJing. There was a point at which one of the sponsors had set up Q&A sessions with various DJs at the event. Since I was the only one willing to get on the mic, I was able to interview the DJs. I met Wax Motif, Etc! Etc!, Castles, and more. After the interviews I was able to speak to the guys individually. They were all really down to earth guys that just love to make music and party with people. Networking is key in the DJ field and who better to connect with then other people that share your same passion!

4. Have Fun and Just Do You!

One of the most important aspects of being a DJ is that it’s all about having FUN! You are going to have a real difficult time getting other people to have fun if you’re not having fun yourself. So make sure that you are playing music that you enjoy because then other people will enjoy it more too when they see you bouncing around having fun. You want to keep the audience in mind while you’re playing but if it’s not fun for you then it’s probably not going to be very fun for the people listening as well.

The nice thing at an event like Hard Summer, is that you already know what kind of music the people are there to hear. Plus they are open to hearing NEW music. So it’s really a great opportunity for you to play something they haven’t yet heard and for you to just DO YOU. It’s actually expected at an event like this.

I remember on the last day of the festival we didn’t really have anyone stopping by our tent as the sun was setting. It was my turn to jump on the decks and I decided to just do me and play music that was going to be me pumped up and having fun. I started jamming and after only 15 minutes into my set I had a pretty sizable crowd. After a few more songs I had the tent packed and we just kept the party going until it was time to call it a night. It ended up being one of the best sets of the whole weekend!

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